A year ago today, I walked tearfully and joyfully down an aisle of perfectly spaced rose petals (thanks, Annabelle!) to my tearful and joyful fiancé.

My mother told me that it is possible to walk down the aisle without a doubt in your mind that you are doing the right thing, the best thing, and she was right. I felt nothing but a deep, deep sense of peace and happiness about my decision. That hasn’t changed.

This year hasn’t been easy. After our Colorado honeymoon, we lived in Texas for a month (I mean, we just couldn’t miss out on Texas in July, especially with how lively a place College Station is during the summer), sold everything we could on Craig’s List, then made our way to NYC. There, in our sublease on 47th & 8th, we fell asleep to the lullaby of Broadway every night: theater crowds, followed by party busses blaring music, followed, finally, by the quiet clip-clop of an NYPD horse. We grew rather fond of that last part!

Then there was the whole debacle of the apartment search, during which hurricane Sandy obligingly narrowed down our choices to an amazing and relatively cheap no broker fee apartment with a yard, but in a neighborhood riddled with violent crime, or to an okay-for-Manhattan apartment with a 12% broker fee in the peaceful but Yetta-inhabited Yorkville.

As I enjoy walking to and from the subway independently, our dreams of a dog and a yard shattered as we forked over the $2500 for the broker plus $1800 first month’s rent for our Yorkville apartment, which we had barely settled into before Daniel’s 60-100 hour work weeks began for Busy Season.

It was a hectic year. A hard year. But not because of Daniel. He did not turn out to be the husband marriage books told me he would be. Had I listened to them, I would have braced myself for argument upon argument, and for taking care of a man-child who needed to be tamed and lassoed into marriage! On the contrary, I found in my husband a more godly, giving, wise, and compassionate man than I had known before. And we have so much fun together– there’s no one I’d rather spend time with. Despite living in NYC, the city with everything, my favorite times during this year have been spent talking and laughing in our 350 square foot apartment.

Happy Anniversary, Daniel. I’m so glad that over four years ago, we decided to make what we thought was a rather foolish decision to pursue our relationship, which is growing into a beautiful marriage.