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Wilmots at the White House

Having never been to D.C., I was thrilled when a friend there suggested we apartment swap for the weekend! Last Friday, the Wegmanns arrived in NYC, were loaded up with goodies from Orwasher’s, we swapped keys, and the Wilmots were off on a Bolt Bus to our nation’s capital. We were welcomed with a steady rain, but not one so miserable we couldn’t stop to appreciate the sights we saw along the way, like the Library of Congress and the Capitol.

The next day we fueled up for our jaunt down the Mall with breakfast at Founding Farmers, where I convinced Daniel to order chicken & waffles– could there be anything more American than that? I ordered Eggs Benedict, and think they missed an opportunity to pun when they didn’t add “Arnold” to the end of its name on the menu. The place is called Founding Farmers, after all.

The White House was our first stop, followed by the Mall. We scanned the day’s front pages from all 50 states and several countries at the outdoor exhibit at the Newseum. What a day for that, as less than twelve hours before the second Tsarnaev brother had been taken into custody. It was interesting to see how each newspaper treated the news. Kansas, I love you, but you didn’t do a great job, though there were papers from some states, like Wyoming, that didn’t mention the event on the front page at all.

We reached the capitol and promptly took a nap on the lawn, following our tradition of Taking Naps In Famous Places (the first being on the lawn in front of the Louvre in May 2009).

Later that day, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our friend, Jenny, and her fiance, at the National Portrait Gallery! She’s a friend from our study abroad in France. We browsed famous portraits of presidents, scientists, artists, and pop culture icons before saying good-bye.

After refueling at Ella’s for pizza, we went to see the Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials at night, which was my mother’s suggestion. She was right! Daniel told me to avert my eyes from the Lincoln Memorial until we were in just the right place to see it in all of its glory. Every history book from school didn’t prepare me for how massive and beautiful it is! The Jefferson Memorial was almost as impressive.

After brunch the next day, we went to the National Museum of American History. The highlights for me include the First Ladies exhibit (the dresses… oh my gosh…), and, of course, Julia Child’s sweet, cozy kitchen.

We ended our trip with a homemade pop tart from Ted’s Bulletin, and then were off on the Bolt Bus home, where I developed a friend crush on a girl watching the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice. 

Washington, D.C. pleasantly surprised me in so many ways. First of all, it is pristine. The buildings are almost all beautiful, the air smells like spring, and hardly a piece of litter was to be seen. My feet had not stepped on a grassy lawn in months, nor had I been able to look out a window and see the sky without craning my neck. I hope we are able to visit again soon!