I haven’t posted in months because you would hear the same, dramatic drivel: Daniel’s gone, Daniel’s working 80-100 hours a week, it’s winter, blah blah. It was so hard from January to the beginning of April to never see my husband except for when he came to visit me at the bakery early in the morning and when he would come home from work at 3 AM. That, combined with winter weather, meant moral was quite low for the Wilmots. But, now, spring is here, Busy Season is over, and we’re finally able to take advantage of living in this wonderful city!

So far we’ve enjoyed lazy strolls through Battery Park & Union Square…ImageImage

…and have been pursuing culture as much as our budget allows!

We saw our first off-Broadway show thanks to Daniel standing in line at the TKTS stand, which was a stone’s throw away when we were subleasing in Times Square, but back then we didn’t have the expendable income for even the most discounted of tickets! I have yet to see my first Broadway show– which one do you think it should be?

As I’ve said before, one of the best wedding presents we received was a gift card to the Metropolitan Opera which enabled us to purchase a seven opera subscription. We chose quantity of tickets over quality of seats, which I do not regret though binoculars are absolutely necessary!

We saw the penultimate opera in our subscription two weeks ago– La Traviata– and it may have been the most incredible musical experience I’ve ever had– and not just because Domingo Placido happened to be in it. We felt a bit silly for not knowing he was there until we glanced at our program during the intermission, but at least we weren’t in the dark when he was welcomed on stage in Act II to thunderous applause. His co-stars were equally as magnificent– I was holding back tears by the end and insisted we stay through the curtain call to give especially the prima donna her due applause. We were rewarded with almost immediately finding a taxi afterwards with not a single person accusing us of stealing it from them!

Next up will be visiting museums, particularly the Met and the Guggenheim, both of which are within about half a mile from our apartment.

We’re also taking a weekly French class at fi: af (French Institute/Alliance française). We met because of our mutual love of the French language and culture, so it’s fun to revisit that! 

So, as you can see, life in NYC is treating us well. I don’t know how to explain our ability to have so much fun and yet keep food on the table except to say that we are very, very, VERY blessed.