Busy season is full swing, which means that I rejoice if Daniel comes home as early as 9:30 PM, because some time in between 10:00 PM and 11:15 has become the norm. Ew. Despite his long hours, he managed to run a half-marathon  (though due to his long hours, he couldn’t train), and beat his last time by an hour. That was due to a knee injury that occurred during the last half he did, so it’s not quite as amazing as it sounds, but I’m still very proud of him! Let’s see if he can do it next time!

I am currently nannying two hours a day for a charming French family with three wonderful children, and three days a week you’ll find me behind the counter at Orwasher’s, a nearly century-old bakery. It has been located on my street since it opened, but the most recent owner has progressed the business considerably, adding in his own recipes and opening a new location at All Good Things Market in Tribeca. Unfortunately the growth has meant moving production from my street, where the smell of freshly-baked bread used to waft through the neighborhood, to the Bronx. But I can’t complain when I get all of the artisan bread and pastries I could ever want!

Working there has been a great way to become better acquainted with my neighbors on the Upper East Side. I also enjoy guessing what customers will be purchasing when they walk in the door. Older, born & raised New Yorkers will go for rye (and if they’re very serious about bread, will request a piece of our 10 pound loaf). Twenty & thirtysomethings take chardonnay miche or ultimate whole wheat. Type-A career women will come in for just a cup of coffee, and if they get food it’s a mini loaf of our morning spelt bread or a plain croissant. Those looking for a special treat will order our jelly donuts, which are stuffed to order with large syringes filled with local, organic preserves. Yeah… there’s a reason that they were named the best jelly donuts in NYC!

I’ve also had to learn about Jewish culture a bit, so that I can answer questions about what’s kosher respond to those who observe our selection of hamantaschen and exclaim, “Is it Purim already?!” No, no it’s not, we have those all year ’round.

Neither being a nanny nor working at Orwasher’s help to fulfill any kind of career goals, but they’re not bad gigs to have in a city where finding a job seems nearly impossible. It’s comforting to know others in the same boat as I am. I’m thinking of going back to teaching. Unfortunately I’m ineligible for most teaching fellowships in NYC as I have teaching experience, so I may have to go back to school. We’ll see! For right now, I’m thankful that I have a job and that I am not under so much pressure to look for one.

In March, when busy season ends, we’ll be able to take more advantage of this wonderful city. We haven’t been able to do this much so far because when we first arrived we had no money, then every weekend had to be spent apartment searching, and now he works every weekend. We did, however, get to see L’Elisir D’Amore at the Metropolitan Opera last Saturday. It was adorable! The link above will show you clips. I’ll be so sad when our subscription to the Met is over. It has been such a blessing! Maybe next year we’ll do it again, but with seats somewhere below the nosebleed section!