Now that charity: ball and the holidays are over, I’m going to try to get back to blogging.  Firstly, I do want to direct your attention to the charity: water blog entry on charity: ball, because it sums things up much better and more attractively than I could! My role at the actual event included monitoring the VIP entrance (through which Whoopi Goldberg did NOT enter, darn her, but John Slattery and Seth Meyers did!), and escorting Seth Meyers to the bathroom. Squee! Daniel helped with the live auction, during which time nothing was actually auctioned off– it was basically a clever way to peer pressure everyone into donating money to water projects. Over $3,000,000 was raised, and as a result, over 80,000 people will receive a clean, sustainable water source! Sometimes peer pressure has very positive results!

My internship ended a week after the event. In one way it was a relief, because as wonderful as it was, I did discover that I do not want to be an event planner. I’m happy I was able to make this discovery in the best possible way, working with the best possible people! I will miss seeing them every day. Due to how busy I was and the brevity of my post, I did not get to know nearly as many people nearly as well as I would have liked. And that includes many of the volunteers– there are so many wonderful people involved in this organization. So give it all your money!

We spent the holidays in Rhode Island seeing Daniel’s sweet family, and now we’re back in our tiny, cozy Upper East Side apartment. We’ve lived here about two months but have hardly been home to enjoy it. Soon I’ll post pictures of our dwarfish Christmas tree and our couch-sized living room so that you can marvel at what $1,800/month doesn’t you in Manhattan!

Seriously, though, as much as I make fun of our poky dwellings, I do enjoy living here. My resolution for 2013 is to take advantage of all that New York has to offer as much as we possibly can. We’ve been going a mile a minute since moving here and have hardly been able to take pleasure in the fact that we are living where so many people dream of living!

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Christmas Tree