We somehow managed to come through the hurricane unscathed; we’ve had power and water this whole time and haven’t even seen any severe weather or storm damage from our window. We are ten blocks away from the collapsing crane, but other than that I think our neighborhood is fine. We are certainly praying for those who are not so fortunate, and we are enjoying the extra time we’re spending together.

Daniel and I prepared for the storm on Saturday. We had our first experience with shopping at Trader Joe’s, where there was a long line to get in because of everyone preparing for the hurricane. Don’t laugh– it’s the cheapest grocery store we’ve found! The one we went to is located on the Upper West side, in a lovely and wealthy neighborhood. Even the metro stop was prettier. Afterwards, we went to Gray’s Papaya for my first New York hot dog!

On Sunday I insisted on a long walk through Central Park, knowing what the storm might do to all of the beautiful trees. So, after a quick trip to Beurre & Sel for jammers & mocha chip cookies (hurricane provisions, you know), we headed to the south side of the park. Many people tried to convince us that the park was closed for the storm, but we could still see it from the back of a rickshaw. Nice try, guys.

It was lovely, of course. And there were so many French people around. It always surprises me how I hear as much French here as I did Spanish in Texas! Daniel had to leave me halfway through to meet some friends for jogging (who stood him up on account of being Sandy pansies), so I had half the walk to myself. I thought I might find a spot to read, or call a friend as I walked around, but decided to take in as much autumn as possible. My least favorite part of living here is that I have to make an effort to see trees.

We’re not sure if our offices will be open tomorrow. I imagine charity: water has no electricity, and a fellow intern tells me that several subway tunnels are flooded. I guess we’ll just continue to enjoy these days relaxing at home and hope we don’t go stir-crazy in our studio!